Thecus N2200XXX NAS

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Thecus was founded just a short while ago in 2004 with a goal to deliver high quality storage devices to meet the needs of everyone from individuals all the way up to enterprise solutions. They have increasingly broadened their offerings to include more affordable storage solutions.


Today is no difference as they have launched their XXX series that promises to deliver a NAS device for every need. I’m sure most have gotten a bit of a chuckle at the naming convention but the three X’s actually stand for: Xtreme Power, Xtreme Function and Xtreme Value. I have the N2200XXX on deck today that brings a lot of features to home users and small businesses in a 2-bay NAS Server. We have been impressed with Thecus products in the past so I’m anxious to put the N2200XXX to the test.

Thecus N2200XXX


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