NZXT Havik 120

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Heat sinks are mandatory in any computer system. As electrical currents run through each and every component, things begin to heat up. The most notorious of these components is the processor. Heat sink assemblies have been around for several years to accommodate high performance builds, and competition has become increasingly stronger. Established in 2004, NZXT is based out of Los Angeles, California, and has since then worked hard to become an impressive name in custom computer accessories and electronics.

With the introduction of the Havik series, NZXT has now stretched its fingers into the CPU cooling market. Two models exist – the Havik 120 and the Havik 140. Today, we will be looking at the Havik 120, and going over several key features and evaluating its performance. Let’s see if NZXT has hit the mark in terms of performance and value.


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