NZXT Tempest EVO

Nov 11th, 2010 | By



Definition of tempest:

  1. Violent windstorm with rain, hail or snow
  2. Violent commotion, disturbance, or tumult
  3. Sequel to an award winning NZXT all steel chassis

NZXT has been a leading producer in computer cases and peripherals since 2004; today we are presented with one of their higher end cases packed with features and extras.

Tempest EVO

Garnered with many awards and accolades, the NZXT Tempest set an incredibly high benchmark for any chassis released post Tempest. Keeping the basic design principals, NZXT went back to the drawing board to further the Tempest’s design. Culminating from hours of tweaking emerged the Tempest EVO. Hopefully, this sequel won’t be a disaster, like so many Hollywood remakes!

Tempest EVO

Follow along as we test the mettle of this revamped chassis, and let’s find out if it has stood the test of time!


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