OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W Power Supply

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These days I don’t often review 500W units anymore. Seven, eight or even kilowatt units and beyond are better headline grabbers anyways. But not all of us run cutting edge hardware, or have the intentions of doing so; not all of us are gamers, power users, or that sort. Here, we have taken a look at some of the most capable power supplies on the market; ones that can power the best of today’s hardware with plenty of room to spare. Coincidently the same ones will leave a gaping hole in your wallet- not too long ago, we had a look at a 1200W unit, but I digress. As much as we enjoy playing with cutting edge hardware, we do recognize that for the vast majority of users such hardware, beyond curiosity is irrelevant.

OCZ ModXStream Pro 500W

Ever since OCZ’s humble beginnings back in 2002, OCZ has been on a non-stop conquest into all reaches of the enthusiast market offering everything from cooling to memory to well, of course power supplies! Despite their success, OCZ has held true to their founding philosophy, to ensure satisfaction for each and every customer.

The ModXStream line dates back from the good old days, when things were still simple and folks were still good. It actually has been so many years that the original line has long since been buried into obscurity and rather than refreshing the line, the ‘Pro’ suffix was attached and alas a new product line was born. The ModXStream as we know it today, or actually ModXStream Pro stays true to its lineage though: not exorbitantly priced, sensible and modular. Now I know quite well the archetype that throwing around ‘sensible’ as a trait immediately invokes and that isn’t exactly what I mean. I mean our type of sensible- performance hardware type sensible.


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