Sparkle Gold Class 1000W Power Supply

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Sparkle is name that most of us will immediately recognize, especially in the context of power supplies. We however are not talking about that Sparkle; not SPI. The Sparkle that we are talking about today is one originally from Taiwan and known more formally as Sparkle Computer Corp.

Sparkle Gold Class Series 1000W

But Sparkle Computer Corp just doesn’t roll off the tongue too well, so we’ll call them Sparkle, as they wish to be recognized as. Sparkle has been in business for over twenty years now and recently they have been making quite a bit of noise; specifically, on the fronts of video cards and power supplies. Why only a few weeks ago Jared had a look at the Sparkle GTX 465. While we’re not going to look at another video card just yet, today’s review is still an exciting one and not only in the relative sense- because since when are power supply reviews exciting, right? But, because we’re going to look at Sparkle’s new Gold Class Series, 80 Plus Gold certified 1000W power supply.


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