Sparkle GTX 465 (SXX4651024D5-NM)

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Sparkle is certainly not a newcomer to the PC gamer or enthusiast market as they have been in business for over 25 years. While they make a full range of Nvidia based video cards they also manufacture power supplies. When Nvidia’s Fermi-based video cards first launched a couple of months back they certainly had their share of fans and detractors. While the GTX 480 and 470 cards came out of the gate swinging, the fact is that Nvidia’s first DirectX 11 cards had a full range of ATI cards to compete with and not only in the high end.

Sparkle GTX465

Today I have Sparkle’s offering of the next in Nvidia’s line of Fermi-based cards, the GTX465. Price wise the GTX 465 lines up somewhere between the HD 5830 and HD 5850 cards from ATI. We’ll take a tour and then throw some benchmarks at Sparkle’s GTX 465 (SXX4651024D5-NM) to see where the performance numbers rank.


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