TrickleStar PC TrickleSaver

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TrickleStar PC TrickleSaver

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Everyone seems to be going 'green' these days. While there are different reasons for going 'green' one thing that speaks to everyone is putting money back in your pocket. Enter Trickle Star, a company that is focused on developing easy to use products that help to reduce your energy consumption and waste from electronics.


Today I have the PC TrickleSaver, a device designed to reduce the energy use from peripherals that are connected to your PC. The PC TrickleSaver switches off peripherals that are attached when the PC's power is shut down. A simple and easy to use product that will help put money back in your pocket is a winning formula, read on to see if the TrickleSaver is worth having.

Page 2 : Package and Specifications

Included today I also have the PC TrickleSwitch, which is an accessory to the PC TrickleSaver. Both items come in similar packages that are primarily white and green, which helps to show the 'green' focus of the products.

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Both products are simply packaged inside a plastic bag along with installation instructions.


The TrickleSaver is a simple device that sits between the wall outlet and either a single device or a power strip/surge protector. The USB cord attaches to an open port on your PC. The backside of the TrickleSaver has two holes that allow you to mount it if you wanted to.

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The PC TrickleSwitch is an accessory for the PC TrickleSaver that adds a manual switch for power to the attached peripherals while the PC is on.


Next I grabbed the features and specifications for the TrickleSaver straight from Trickle Star's product page here.



* In-built relay for switching off devices that consume standby current.
* Rear mounting holes for wall, under desk mounting.


* Voltage 120 VAC +/- 10% 50Hz
* Relay Rating 10A
* USB cord 1.5 meters
* Power in cord 0.3 meters
* Power out cord 0.2 meter
* Operating Temperature 0? to 45?C
* Storage Temperature -10?C to +60?C
* Humidity 5 to 90% N/C
* IP Rating IP20
* Dimensions 112mm (L) 60mm (W) 34mm (H)



* Accessory for a PC TrickleSaver.
* Installs in minutes.
* No configuration required.
* Works with PC + Mac notebooks + desktops.
* Suitable for home and office use.


* Operating Temperature 0? to 45?C
* Storage Temperature -10?C to +60?C
* Humidity 5 to 90% N/C
* IP Rating IP20
* Dimensions 40mm (L), 40mm (W), 21mm (H)
* Colour White

Page 3 : Installation and Use

Installation is about as simple as it gets, simply plug the PC TrickleSwitch into an outlet and your single item or power strip to the other side, that is all and you are good to go.


Once the PC TrickleSwitch is installed a green LED tells you when power is on and gives you the ability to turn the peripherals off even when your PC is on. The TrickleSwitch's cord is long enough that I really don't see any issue in placing it wherever you want. The bottom of the switch has a small circle of double sided tape if you wanted to secure it to a surface.


The main downfall of the PC TrickleSaver is that it adds another bit of clutter under your desk and also may add another power strip since you obviously can't have your PC's main power connected to the same as any peripherals you want to turn off. Also keep in mind that even using the TrickleSwitch, power is still only given to those attached peripherals when the PC is on. What it comes down to is that it's an easy to use device that can save you money, how much depends on how many devices are attached and what type of power those devices draw while off or in standby.

Page 4 : Conclusion

The PC TrickleSwitch and accessory PC TrickleSwitch are simple and easy to use devices that can add money back into your pocket and away from the power company.

The only real negative is that the PC TrickleSaver adds a bit more clutter to the mess of wires that resides around your desk. Some people might say that you can achieve the same thing by just manually switching off another power strip, but the TrickleSaver makes it hassle free and you don't have to remember to switch it off as its all automatic.


  • Easy to setup and use

  • TrickleSwitch gives additional flexibility
  • Save electricity/money


  • Added clutter

Overclockers Online would like to thank TrickleStar for making this review possible.

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