Samsung T27A950 HDTV Monitor

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Samsung has been in the consumer electronic market for quite some time now, they have not only an enormous, ever- growing line of products to show for it, but they also have also been quite successful. Samsung has made numerous appearances here at Overclockers Online with an impressive showing of printers, digital audio devices, and of course monitors! Today however, we have something special and we’re going to do things a bit differently.

Back in January at CES despite all the wonderful new gadgets that made their first debut, Samsung in particular garnered a bit of attention with two new lines of 3D HDTV monitors, in particular the TA750 and TA950 series, both intended for use as a TV and monitor.

Samsung T27A950 Monitor

Today we’re going to look at the offset, asymmetrical T27A950 which among its many features, happens to also be incredibly big and 3D ready.


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