Zaward Vapor 120

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Zaward Corporation was founded in 1996, and was Globefan Technology Corporation, LTD.’s main distributer. Globefan is one of the leading manufacturers of DC fans since 1986; in other words, Zaward has a lot of prior experience regarding fans, cooling, and the mathematics behind it all. Time went by, and Zaward Co. “…has consistently met the strict demands of its customers”. Since the year 2005, along with Globefan, they have constructed a thermal solution lab in Taipei, Taiwan, as well as a noise lab and wind tunnel in their factory in China.

Zaward Co.

After all the engineering, research, and time have been invested, another fine product is produced. Today, we are presented with the Vapor 120. This heat sink packs a lot of features seen in other high end heat sinks, so let’s see if it can live up to the competition.


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