Evolution Gaming Gear: Mouse Pad MP3

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Evolution Gaming Gear: Mouse Pad MP3

: 04/5/09 – 06:37:49 PM


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Page 1 : Index

: Evolution Gaming Gear

Evolution Gaming Gear (EVO-G, for short) appears here again here at Overclockers Online to display their newest cloth mouse pad, the MP3. What is EVO-G's vision statement? This is what their webpage states:

‘Evo-G is all about gaming gear. Our mission is to create performance-enhancing gaming products, created for and by leading professionals…Evo-G is all about innovative gaming gear for the market that makes more users professional’


Mouse pads have been around for generations. Placing them between your mouse and the hard surface assists the movement of the mouse, reducing friction and improving cursor speeds. Over time, they've become appreciated in the hearts of gamers as they enable the user to move their mouse at much faster speeds, due to the near frictionless surface. Let's look further to see if this mouse pad can win your heart.

Page 2 : Package and Specifications

The face of the MP3 box states the company name, the website address, and the product.


On the left side, the features and specifications are printed out. Here's is what they say:


  • High performance slick cloth weave

  • Mid-sized design for optimum versatility
  • Rubber base for a secure grip on smooth surfaces


  • Size: 355mm*265mm*4mm


And the backside, displaying the product name – the MP3. The container is very simple and to the point, so there isn't very much to say about it.


EVO-G adds a small written portion on the right side. This is what it says:

‘From the sounds of the description and features, it should fall in line with the top cloth pads currently out.

The Evo-G MP3 mouse pad is made of high quality cloth material, providing a precise and consistent glide. This mouse pad features a special design with nonslip rubber base which prevents the pad from sliding, no matter what surface the mouse pad is placed on.’


Sounds convincing, doesn't it? Let's have a closer look at the mouse pad.

Page 3 : MP3 Content

After I popped the lid off the casing, I unrolled the MP3 and flattened the corners to get the full view. Notice the new art? It's hard to miss. From the cross-hairs to the skull, it sends off menacing vibes. And if you are in your early years, your mom might not like it. Moving on…


Zooming in closer, we can see the material that the mouse pad is made of. It is a very finely woven cloth, so getting an accurate image of the material was quite difficult.


Looking at the underside, we see again that EVO-G has implemented a rubber base to keep the mouse pad from sliding around. Though different in design from the MP2 mouse pad, it performs the same purpose to the same degree.


Page 4 : Testing and Conclusion

After a few more weeks of gaming and using Photoshop, the MP3 has served me well. Using my current mouse, the Creative Fatal1ty 1010, life was good as I effortlessly moved my mouse across the (nearly) frictionless cloth surface. Also, depending on how polished or dirty your desk surface is depends on how much the mouse pad will slip around. It doesn't move on glass surfaces whatsoever and so to move it you will have to completely pick it up and place it where you want it. Wood surfaces are decent; it will move a little if you give it a nudge, but if you intentionally try to adjust it, it will do so very easily.


Now, cloth mouse pads have their advantages. But what happens as they get used a lot? They become dirty and gross. The grape juice you spilt doesn't come out no matter how hard you scrub it. The portion of pizza that fell on the corner stains it, begins to smell, and maybe even molds a little if you couldn't clean it all up. So what I'm saying is, hard surfaced mouse pads are much easier to clean and maintain. Let's weigh it out:


  • Smooth Surface

  • Attractive Art
  • Rubber Base


  • Slightly Oversized

  • Difficult to Clean

A special thanks to Evolution Gaming Gear for making this review possible.

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