Evolution Gaming Gear MP2 Mouse Pad

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Evolution Gaming Gear MP2 Mouse Pad

: 03/12/09 – 02:24:27 AM


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: Evolution Gaming Gear

Evolution Gaming Gear (EVO-G, for short) comes to Overclockers Online to show off two of its new mouse pads. What is EVO-G's goal in all of this? Here is what they say:

‘Evo-G is all about gaming gear. Our mission is to create performance-enhancing gaming products, created for and by leading professionals…Evo-G is all about innovative gaming gear for the market that makes more users professional’


Though mouse pads may seem somewhat cheap and insignificant, they play a vital role in helping you play your games better. Being as frictionless as possible, they assist your reaction time, and make sure you frag the enemy before the enemy frags you. Let's read on to see why this is.

Page 2 : Package and Specifications

The front of the MP2 box simply states the company name, and the fact that it's a mouse pad.


On the left side, the features and specifications are printed out. Here's is what they say:


  • High performance slick cloth weave

  • Mid-sized design for optimum versatility
  • Rubber base for a secure grip on smooth surfaces


  • Size: 355mm*265mm*4mm


And the backside, again simply stating the MP2.


EVO-G adds a small written portion on the right side. This is what it says:

Silky cloth surface provides a superior surface for both laser and optical mice. This pad offers superior feel and controls you would expect from a premium pad.

The Evo-G MP2 mouse pad is made of high quality cloth material providing a precise and consistent glide. This mouse pad features a special design with nonslip rubber base which prevents the pad from sliding, no matter what surface the mouse pad is placed on.


Let's have a close look at the mouse pad now.

Page 3 : Package Content

Pulling out the MP2 out of its box, I laid it out flat to be examined.


Zooming in closer, we can see the material that the mouse pad is made of. It is a very finely woven cloth, so getting an accurate image of the material was quite difficult (see enlarged picture for a better view).


Flipping the MP2 over, we get a nice personal shot of the rubber base. I think everyone could agree that rubber bases are very beneficial, making sure that the mousepad doesn't slip around as you in the middle of an intense ambush in FarCry 2, or carefully editing images in Photoshop.


Page 4 : Testing and Conclusion

After rigorous testing (AKA weeks of gaming), the MP2 has left a good impression. Using my current mouse, the Creative Fatal1ty 1010, life was good as I effortlessly moved my mouse across the (nearly) frictionless cloth surface. As an avid gamer may be, he or she may want to look for the perfect mouse pad that suits their needs, may it be by texture (silky vs. ‘rough’), size, or even the surface art. Being that the MP2 offers all of this in a neat package, with the surface being ‘silky smooth’, there should be no disappointment if you decide to purchase this product.


The only bone I have to pick with the mouse pad is that, being cloth, cleaning can be a pain. As well, stains are…stains. Although it's cloth I'm sure it's not washer-safe either and dare not try as it wasn't stated in the specifications. With all that said and done, let's weigh this out:


  • Smooth Surface

  • Attractive Art
  • Rubber Base


  • Slightly Oversized

  • Difficult to Clean

A special thanks to Evolution Gaming Gear for making this review possible.

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