Samsung UN60F8000 60 inch LED HDTV

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To setup the UN60F8000 is incredibly simple. In the pages before I showed you how to physically assemble the base stand and mount the TV to the base. Once you have that basic step completed, you need to carry the TV to its final resting place and connect up the Inputs and Outputs. The rear I/O Panel has 3 USB ports, 4 HDMI ports, 1 Antenna, 1 LAN port, 1 IR Out, 1 Audio Out, a full set of Component ports (Y/Pb/Pr, L, R), Digital Audio Out and EX-Link. In reality, you need as little as 1 connection: an antenna, an HDMI or a LAN cable to get things going. Anything more than that is just up to your home theater setup. I frequently connect a USB thumbdrive to access videos, songs and pictures and always have my cable antenna connection, HDMI to my TV and home theatre speakers and the LAN port for access to online content.

Samsung F8000

The setup menu hasn’t changed very much and covers all your basic needs (Picture, Sound, Broadcasting, Network, Smart Features, System and Support). As you go through the options they are all fairly self-explanatory or don’t require any adjustment if you just want to enjoy your new TV.

Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000

In the past Samsung preconfigured the Smart Hub to have everything on one dashboard. In this new setup the layout is slightly different with 5 panels, you can specify that you want to setup a Social Smart Hub, an App Smart Hub, an On TV Smart Hub or a Photos, Videos & Music Smart Hub.

Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000

The first step in setting up the Smart Hub is to get access to your Internet and then determine your TV source. If you’re using a network cable then it’s pretty much plug and play. With the Integrated WIFI LAN, you need to add your SSID if it is hidden and type in your password. The process is very straight-forward.

Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000 Samsung F8000

Once you are online, you unlock a phenomenal number of features for you to enjoy, Head on to the next page for more information on how I tested out the Samsung UN60F8000.


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