Samsung UN60F7100 60 inch LED HDTV

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I used to think a 55″ TV was big and for a while it was the largest TV you could buy but last year I started to see TVs that crept closer and closer to the 70″ mark. A 50 and 55″ TV was no longer the exception in a friend’s house but it started to be the norm. While 55″ TVs are still not considered your everyday TV, there’s something to be said about boasting a 60″ in your living room. I use to think it was too big but as I sit and stare at the UN60F7100, it started to grow on me.

Samsung Logo

The UN60F7100 seems to blend in with the living space of our home. Samsung boasts the dual core processor allowing the F7100 to be twice as fast, it boasts an all new SmartHub giving you access to live TV recommendations as well as all your favourite applications and network content with the wireless connection.

Samsung F7100 Features

I’m eager to see what the Samsung UN60F7100 has to offer so let’s get right into this review.


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