Cooler Master Vortex Plus CPU Cooler

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Let’s face it; electrons being switched at several billion cycles per second generate heat. As technology marches onward and upward, clock speeds increase, manufacturing processes get smaller, and yet heat remains a constant threat to stability and performance. Delivering us from the perils of overheating, a multibillion dollar industry has sprung forth a wide gamut of coolers, from the mundane to the excellent; but what about computers that are designed to be used in a quiet environment?

Queue the introduction music, and let’s bring out the latest contender for your hard earned greenbacks. Ushered into creation by the masterminds at Cooler Master the Vortex Plus takes aim at the HTPC/Quiet cooling crowd. With over a decade of designing and delivering quality cooling components, Cooler Master has been absolutely committed in delivering solutions that meet customer needs.

Standing a mere 84 millimetres tall and being fully equipped with mounting hardware for all modern sockets from AMD and Intel and a 92 millimetre PWM fan, the Vortex Plus delivers great value at $29.99 for low profile systems where space is at a premium.
Tag along as we bolt on our latest contender!


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