Zaward Vapor 120

Mar 15th, 2010 | By Chris


The Vapor 120 performed impressively. The Dimple Effect on the fins appeared to do its job, as the Vapor 120 uses only three heat pipes, albeit using Heat pipe Direct Touch, and stayed on par with other heat sinks using four heat pipes and a much larger fin array. Placing another fan on the heat sink could bring about some interesting results as well.

Gladiator MAX

Regardless of its performance, something to keep in mind is the noise levels. If you are in the process of piecing together a completely silent HTPC for yourself, I wouldn’t be able to recommend this to you. As for anyone else looking to drop their CPU temperatures a full 21 degrees for $50 CAD, this could be the heat sink for you; unless of course, you’re looking for something whisper quiet as well.

  • Advantages

  • Very thin profile (75mm wide, with one fan)
  • Full CPU socket compatibility
  • Exceptional cooling performance
  • Unique cooling design
  • Disadvantages

  • Only 3 heat pipes
  • Fan noise
  • Only one fan

A special thanks to Zaward Corporation for making this review possible.


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