Samsung SCX 5935FN Monochrome Laser Multifunction Printer

Jun 6th, 2010 | By Anthony



In the modern home, small or even medium office it isn’t uncommon today to find the need for more than a basic printer. Printing, scanning, photo copying and faxing seemingly go hand in hand and as should a device which unifies these processes. For larger businesses, large and often incredibly expensive dishwasher sized units have always existed which efficiently provided these functions, however for smaller businesses or for home use, this simply is not feasible, and definitely it is not reasonable. Over the years as demand for these devices boomed from being a handy addition to a necessity, as have the number of offerings of multifunction or all-in-one units.

Samsung NB30

We’ve had Samsung with us a number of times in the past and with them we’ve looked at a flurry of products. For years, Samsung has been churning out anything from displays, phones, media players to appliances, and of course, printers. With 70 years of experience on their backs, Samsung’s success comes as no surprise.

Samsung SCX-5935FN

Today we will be looking at the SCX-5935FN monochrome laser multifunction printer, one which offers significantly more robust features than your typical multifunction unit but at the same time priced reasonably enough to be found in the home or small office.


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