Samsung PN50C7000 50 inch Plasma TV

Nov 17th, 2010 | By Simon



It has been a few years since I’ve looked at a plasma TV. The focus in the market has clearly been LCD TVs where low purchase prices and low operating costs didn’t mean a sacrifice in performance. For a few hundred bucks you could take home a 40″ LCD TV with a superior picture quality. Since 2007, LCDs have taken the front stage of TV technology and they haven’t look back. However, tonight we feature a review of a Samsung plasma TV.

Samsung logo

Plasma TVs are commonly known to provide brighter images, have a wider color gamut and generate blacker black pictures. The cost of these improvements is power consumption, generally twice that of an LCD. For the purest home enthusiast, this may be a small price to pay. Today’s Samsung PN50C7000 brings the best of plasma TV and Energy Star efficiency so you can have the best of both worlds. Is this too good to be true? Did I also mention that the PN50C7000 also features a 3D TV engine so you can watch your favourite movies in 3D? No? Well it does and when now priced at under $2,000 CDN or a mere $1300 USD, it’s not exactly out of reach.

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