XtremeGear HP-1216B

Mar 4th, 2010 | By Steven



Thermal radiation has been the arch enemy for overclockers and silent PC enthusiasts ever since the inception of Turbo Mode on the 8086. Fast forward a few decades and we are still facing the same dilemma as before. How do we increase clock speed while reducing on die temperature, noise and stay within a reasonable budget?

XtremeGear offers up today a new heatsink that proclaims to fit the bill perfectly. While not exactly a new comer to the world of high end PC manufacturing, this new heat sink appears to be one of their first forays into offering individual components.

Priced at $29.99 the HP-1216B presents an astounding value by being equipped with five eight millimeter heat pipes, a 120 millimeter fan and a mounting system that ensures compatibility with all modern sockets from AMD and Intel.

Let’s load the HP-1216B up with some heat, and see how it performs.


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