Mouse Bungee

Nov 28th, 2000 | By

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Mouse Bungee

: 11/29/00 – 12:03:50 AM


: Misc

Manufactor: Unknown
Price: $12.50

Thanks to the guys at The Card Cooler for making the Mouse Bungee available for reviewing!


There are several gadgets on the market that look very cool and impress all your friends, but they don’t have a real use aside from looking cool.
The product, or ‘gadget’ as we like to call it, I am reviewing today is actually a cool-looking, but also useful, product. It is called ‘The Mouse Bungee’ and it is intended to make life a bit easier for all you computer freaks (like me ;)). Lets see what this bungee stuff
can do for us.


The Mouse Bungee is a neat piece of equipment that has been designed to keep that annoying mouse wire out of your way when doing stuff like surfing the net, drawing in Photoshop, or just plain fragging away in Q3 (like we all do).

The cool thing about it is that it actually works! The Mouse Bungee is about 10cm deep, 5cm wide and 4cm high. In the center there is a nice looking metallic ball that is there to add weight to the product so it won’t fall over.

The Bungee is available in 5 different colors, so there is always one that you’ll like and that fits in with your desk!


Installation of the Mouse Bungee is a breeze. Just take it out of the box and put it on your desk near your mouse. Next, take the wire from your mouse and fasten it into the special guidance rails. That’s it :). Now your Mouse Bungee is installed and you can start enjoying it.

The test

I have been thinking about how to test this gadget the best possible way, and concluded that I would be able to test this Bungee by simply using it on a daily basis in everything I do. So I installed it last week and since then I have been playing Q3, Red Alert 2, updating your favorite website (OC Online of course), sending mails, drawing a bit in Photoshop, the whole lot.

Before I got the Bungee, the wire of my mouse would get in my way from time to time, but as of last week, this annoying problem disappeared. I wonder why…

The arms that are guiding your wire are bendable so your mouse is never held down or hindered in any way by this nice gadget.


Yea right ;). On with the show …


At first I thought this Mouse Bungee would just be another one of those cool-looking-but-no-real-use-for-it gadgets, but after using it for a week I must say that I won’t do without it anymore! This product rocks and it makes your desk looks good ;).


- Very cool

- Actually useful

- Low price

- Makes your computer run faster and overclock higher! ;)


- Can’t think of anything

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