Destruction of hardware

Nov 22nd, 2000 | By

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Destruction of hardware

: 11/22/00 – 11:32:10 AM


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Manufactor: AMD

Thanks to MPL for supplying us with several Durons ;).

A story about how plain stupid we all can be

Every once in a while we all do something very stupid … last week it was my turn to pull something stupid out of my sleeve …

It all started last week … must have been tuesday or wednesday, I can’t exactly remember. The nice people from Zieghler Express stopped at my house and delivered the new MSI motherboard, the K7T Pro2, along with a nice Duron 800.

After I installed the motherboard and the cpu with the same care as I threat my other hardware (very good) it was time to put the cooler onto the cpu. At that time, the only cooler available for socketA cpu’s was the TaiSol one I got some time ago. So I installed this baby on the Duron, all went well, and I booted the computer.

A brand new Duron in perfect shape

Of course I wanted to see what kind of performance this Duron would get me and how high I would be able to overclock it, so after the pc made it into WinME just fine, I quickly rebooted to change the multiplier and start overclock this nice cpu.

Since I was not sure how well this newest addition to AMD’s Duron family would do, I decided to start with a very safe 8.5x multiplier which would result in a shy 850MHz processingpower.

As soon as the computer posted, I noticed the cpu was still reporting 800MHz. After wondering what could have been wrong with this picture, I remembered I forgot to pencil the L1 bridges (yea stupid me!) with all the hurry of willing to test this new motherboard and cpu.

So the case (an AOpen HX08 full tower) was openend quickly, and as soon as I got the cooler of, the cpu came out of the socket so I could pencil the living daylights out of it ;).
Five minutes later, everything was A-OK and I quickly reinserted the cpu onto the MSI.

Now it was time to put the TaiSol cooler back on the cpu, so I reapplied some thermal grease and put the cooler on. But as I did just that, I heard a crunching sound which worried me a lot!
As fast as I could I removed the cooler from the cpu to find some small pieces of the cpu stuck into the remainings of the thermal grease onto the cooler :(.

A Duron 800MHz in not so good condidions ;)

At this point I was really worried I destroyed a perfectly good cpu … heck wouldn’t you be worried?
Wondering if the cpu was dead or alive, I reinserted in in the mobo, put the cooler on and pressed the powerbutton.

Against my expectations the cpu posted at 850MHz (the way I set it before) and started to load Windows ME.

But as soon as I entered Windows, the computer hardlocked. Was 850MHz too much for this 800MHz beast? I don’t think so … but what the hell went wrong then?

I resetted the computer with the intention of upping the core voltage a bit … but the screen never went on again.

Whatever I did … this cpu was not posting anymore!! I reapplied thermal paste, tried without paste, … but nothing would kick this cpu back into action.

Two days later, we received a new Duron 800MHz to replace the deceased victim. This puppy is still purring along just fine, and you can expect a review of this newly born soon.

Located the 10 differences!

So what am I trying to say here? Well, Everyone messes up once in a while … it’s Murphy law actually. There will be a moment in your computer life that you will destroy something … sooner or later it will happen!

I destroyed some other things too in my computercarrier, but that’s another story …

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