Video Memory Sinks

Nov 16th, 2000 | By

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Video Memory Sinks

: 11/16/00 – 08:53:57 PM


: Cooling

Manufactor: unknown

Price: $1.50

Thanks to Tech Patrol for supplying us with the Video Memory Sinks.

Introduction :

As Tim already stated in his I-Storm II HDD cooler review, cooling has always been an essential part of overclocking. Without good cooling, overclocking is not adviseable because component temperature will rise too much and might damage your precious hardware. I couldn’t agree more with him on this issue.

Today we will do some talking about the Video Memory sinks we received from our friends @ Tech Patrol!

Before I used these video mem sinks, I could easily run my Creative Annihilator Pro DDR (GeForce 256) with a core speed of 150Mhz (default = 120Mhz) and a memory speed of 340Mhz (default = 300Mhz). Anything above this 340Mhz memory speed gave me a rather funny looking green blur on my screen after a short period of time. When I tried to run a game like Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament with the memory clocked above 340Mhz, I experienced errors some errors in the textures. So I knew the RAM couldn’t keep working at these speeds for a long time! Let’s see if these video memory sinks have changed anything …

Specifications :

Application : Cooling memory chips on video cards.

Height : 16mm.

Width : 17mm

Length : 22mm + removable 3mm pins.

Heatsink material : Aluminium.

Installation :

Installing these video mem sinks will really give you a hard time! Hehe, just kidding … It’s as easy as beating your grandmother in a running contest :) Simply put a little bit of glue in the middle of the sink, then put some thermal grease around the glue and stick it onto your videocard’s memory. Repeat this as many times as you got memory banks on your videocards. That’s all.



The Conclusion :

The Video Memory Sinks-set isn’t the most essential cooling you need in your system, but it can prove itself very handy when you want to get all the performance out of your videocard. As it will only cool down the videocard’s memory, and not also the GPU, using these sinks without any other cooling won’t let you overclock the videocard that much. However, I had some nice results with the sinks I’ve put on my GeForce. Remember I could get the memory speed higher than 340Mhz without the sinks … well check out the 350Mhz memory benchmarks with the sinks installed!

Quake 3 v1.17 Timedemo 1

Especially at higher resolution, overclocking your videocard makes a hell of a difference …

3DMark 2k v1.1

The numbers speak for themselves. I’d say : go for the video memory sinks & torture your videocard to the max …

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