Ultra Products UV Wizard

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Ultra Products UV Wizard

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Page 1 : Introduction

: Ultra Products

: $69.99 USD

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Ultra is a fast growing company that has been expanding into many areas of computer solutions, products, and services across the globe. In the past we have taken a look at Ultra's Mini Portable Hard Drive Enclosure 3.5", their 512MB PC3200 Memory 2 Pack, the PC3200 Dual Channel Kit, and the infamous X-Connect Power Supply, all of which we were very pleased with.

We will take a first look at Ultra's UV Wizard Mini-Tower and see how it weighs up against mainstream case makers in today's competitive computer case market.

Page 2 : Package

The UV Wizard's package is nothing too thrilling. It contains some good information about some features of the UV Wizard, as well as a picture of the UV reactive window:

The front of the box
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Box sides
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Back of the box
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We'll get onto the details of what's stated on the boxes in a moment, but once again we'll praise Ultra for their care in packaging items. This box had its share of dents in it, however the case was in perfect, untouched shape.

Ultra also gave a good amount of screws, motherboard standoffs, and 2 copies of the key for the front bezel and the side door inside the package.

Page 3 : Specifications

Here is a standard copy and paste from Ultra.

· MS Blue w/ Blue UV
· Depth: 19"
· Width: 7.8"
· Height: 16"
Drive Bay:
· 3 – 5.25" Bays with Easy-Pull Port Covers
· 6 – Removable 3.5" Bays (1 External and 5 Internal )
Material: Steel
Form Factor:
· AT
· Baby AT
· Micro ATX
Expansion Slots: 7 Standard Slots
Case Fan Mounts: 2 80mm Case Fan Mounts
Case Fan Mount Dimensions:
· Depth: 25 mm
· Width: 80 mm
· Height: 80mm
· Green – Power
· Orange – Hard Drive Access
· Power
· Reset
Front Swing-out Bezel Cover with Lock
Quick Release Side Panel with Lock and Exhaust Fan
Large Front Panel Vent
This case weighs a good amount, approximately 13.5 lbs and is made entirely of steel. It has decent amount of room inside for a mini-tower and plenty of bays to install and expand. There is room for one 80mm up front, and one in the back for exhaust.

Let's take a closer look at the exterior of this case.

Page 4 : Exterior

Ultra stuck with a tried and tested design for this UV Wizard case. It has a plastic front bezel which is highlighted by air vents going down the length of the case in the middle.

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Opening the front door, which does have a locking mechanism on it, reveals the 3 5.25" bays and the single exposed 3.5" bay.

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The UV Wizard also sports clearly distinguishable power and reset buttons; below the front door is a flip up door that covers a FireWire and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

After looking at the case for a little while, you begin to pay more attention to the paint job than anything else.

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What a remarkable paint job by Ultra! The metallic blue glistens in the light and is quite eye appealing. the UV Wizard also comes in black with a blue window, or black with a green window to suit your desired flavor. The paint seems to be quite scratch resistant as I tried several times to gouge it with a penny and it did not budge.

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At this point, you may be asking what is so special about the window on this case. The window is actually made out of Ultra violet reactive Plexiglas! According to Ultra, it should look something like:

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Since I do not have UV equipment, we can simply use nature's UV light! Add some sun and you get:

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Another very functional portion of the UV Wizard's window on the side panel is its vent. Not only is the vent cover attractive…

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on the other side of the vent is an adjustable duct that sits right over top of where your heatsink for your processor is! The duct can be extended or shrunk to fit a lot of different sized heatsinks.

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There is not very much too thrilling about the back of the UV Wizard, it did come with a backplate already installed and ready to use.

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Let's move on to see what's inside then get this baby tested out.

Page 5 : Interior

Looking into the front inside of the case, you can see the 3 5.25" bays, and the 6 3.5" bays. The construction of the mounts for these bays seems pretty solid. Also in the front, you can see the fan mount on the front. A 3.5" drive that would need to be exposed would mount below the 5.25" bays.

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The front bezel connects to your motherboard through the normal set of wires. One set for the front USB, another for FireWire, and some for the standard HDD light, power switch, power light, and reset switch. One thing that is noticeable that might cause a problem is the fact that the power LED plug has 3 connectors. The motherboard that I will be using only has room for a two-plug wire. We will see if we can find a solution for this later.

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The back of the case on the inside is pretty standard, it came with a nice backplate, which happened to fit my Gigabyte 7VAX perfectly. It also has a single fan mount for the rear exhaust.

Nothing too thrilling about the interior, let's take a look at the installation of the motherboard and fans.

Page 6 : Installation & Testing

Generally installation of a motherboard into a case doesn't require you to be a rocket scientist. The UV Wizard case has pre-molded standoffs that are made as a part of the backplate that I used for installation. I laid the motherboard in and then installed the screws. All done! One thing that I really did like about the UV Wizard is that on the extreme right edge of the motherboard, Ultra installed some rubber stoppers to help support the motherboard on the edges.

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These are perfect to support the motherboard for installing HDD cables to the board and even RAM which often puts stress on the board.

The test system being used:

Gigabyte GA-7vax Motherboard
2x256mb PC2700
AMD Athlon 2100+
1x120gb WD Hard Drive, 1x20gb WD Hard Drive, and 1×5.12" SCSI Tape Drive
With the board installed in this case, I began filling it with all my other goodies. Once everything was installed, there was still a good amount of room to move around inside the case.

When installing the front fan, I did run into a slight problem. I just could not get it to fit! I tried and tried; with all different angles. Finally I decided to just bend some of the metal tabs out of the way. It seems as though this is supposed to be some type of "tool-less" fan installation, but there was no way this fan was going to fit under those metal tabs. It was quite a hassle.

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On my particular motherboard, the processor is located just about an inch off from being directly centered under the door vent. Even with the slight off centered vent, the cool air that this vent provides directly to the processor is really good, without the added noise of an additional fan.

The system ran steady at 33C and under load it only rose a couple degrees. Prior to switching to the UV Wizard case, the system was running a good 2C higher! This proves to us that this case has a great airflow design; contributed by the side-panel CPU duct.

A couple shots of the final product:

With the door on.

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Even with all the stuff this system has it it and regular ribbon cables, there is still a decent amount of room inside the case for good air flow, and to be able to work inside without knocking around too much.

Without the door.

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Page 7 : Conclusion

Overall this is a great case for the money. It combines quality construction, a tried and tested design, and a competitive price.

Ultra Products has taken a well known design and changed it slightly by removing the fan in the side panel and replacing it by a simple duct to bring fresh, cool air straight onto the CPU's heatsink.

The window of this case is UV Reactive, which will add an awesome touch to your rig if you have a UV light. Even without the UV Light the window looks great, with a bluish tint to match the paint. The dark blue metallic paint that wraps this case looks at home on any desktop!

- Awesome paint job.
- UV Reactive Window looks great.
- Window vent instead of fan to reduce noise.
- Rubber supports that help support the motherboard.

- Front fan installation was quite difficult.
- Window vent may not necessarily line up right over your heatsink.

Many thanks to Ultra Products for supplying us with this sample.

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