ABIT visits OC Online

Nov 13th, 2000 | By

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ABIT visits OC Online

: 11/13/00 – 11:15:40 PM


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I already reported to you OC Online’ers that ABIT Europe was going to pay a visit to the OC Online testlab.
Last wednesday the day we all had been looking forward to had come: ABIT Europe was coming to our casa to meet
the Overclockers Online staff (most of them anyway) and to take a look at the testlab.

The time was 10am when Joost Bazelmans, PR guy at ABIT Europe, arrived at our homebase in Belgium. Steven and I
had been up and waiting for Joost for about an hour. As some of you might know, ABIT Europe is located in
the Netherlands.

After we said hello and we got to know each other a bit, we helped unload the goodies Joost had brought along.
Joost gave us some nice stuff to play with like a ABIT Siluro Geforce MX videocard, ABIT KT7 RAID motherboard,
ABIT AU10 soundcard and last but certainly not least ABIT’s new dolby surround speakers: the SP50.
You can expect a review of all these nice parts later this month, as we are very busy testing them :).

Here’s me with Joost

Here you can see Steven with Joost

As soon as we got all the boxes upstairs in our testlab, we decided to immediatelly install them to make sure everything was working but also because we were very curious about these products.
We decided to install all this nice hardware into our ‘R2D2′ machine. For those who are now thinking I have gone mad, let me reassure you I am not. I am just a Star Wars fan and all the computers in the lab our named after one of the characters from this popular Trilogy (I know there is another movie – Phantom Menace – and there are coming two more movies).

One more with Steven and Joost (Steven was falling asleep here … we had to wake him up after the pic was taken ;))

Here’s the configuration of the R2D2 machine:

- ABIT SE6 motherboard

- PIII 650 @ 975MHz

- 128MB Samsung G6 pc133 RAM

- ABIT Siluro Geforce MX

- ABIT AU10 soundcard

- ABIT SP50 dolby surround speakers

- DLink 10/100 ethernet card

- Western Digital 20GB 7200rpm UDMA100 drive

I can already tell you that the soundcard and the speakers are very good performers!! I really love the sound they produce, and because of them my Creative Labs DTT2500 speakerset looks small :p.

The Geforce MX was no competition for our Geforce GTS 64MB, but that was not the intention at all. The MX has been designed as a low budget card with up to date performance and that’s exactely what this card gives you! We ran some benchmarks on this system, and they already look pretty damn good.

After we installed all the parts and played with it for some time, me and Steven had a nice chat with Joost about upcoming products, overclocking, OC Online itself, … and much more.

To conclude this little article about the ABIT meeting, I must say that I really enjoyed it and I hope we can do more of these informative and interesting meetings! Thanks ABIT Europe and thanks Joost :).

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