Thecus N7700PRO Network Storage Server

Aug 22nd, 2010 | By Anthony



Thecus’ N7700Pro heads in a bit of a different direction than conventional network attached storage units out there. For one, it’s not built around an Intel Atom or Celeron processor, rather a Core 2 Duo. With the N7700Pro, we’re no longer talking about modest hardware or low power consumption. Instead, we’re talking about a NAS who simply doesn’t know its place. With capacity for seven drives, 10GbE ready, an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU and 4GB of RAM it certainly belongs among the ranks of server replacement devices. Relatively low cost, high capacity and highly capable network solutions like Thecus’ N7700Pro especially attractive among those looking at replacing yesterday’s expensive, clumsy file servers.

Thecus N7700Pro Network Attached Storage

Thecus, founded in 2004, aims to bridge the gap between the digital home and networking with high quality, high performance products and innovation. Focused on hardware and software integration, Thecus aims to provide easy to use media storage solutions to allow even greater network connectivity in the home and office environment.


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