Thecus N7700PRO Network Storage Server

Aug 22nd, 2010 | By Anthony


Thecus’ N7700Pro belong in a class of its own. While the majority of network attached storage devices we’ve seen here fall into the category of home networking or a small office environment, this definitely catered towards the business environment. The N7700Pro is a robust platform. With today’s 2TB drives, in RAID 5 the N7700Pro can host a 12TB array and that’s simply something that carries some weight. The system is powered by a Core 2 Duo CPU and is outfitted with 4GB of RAM making it the most powerful NAS devices we’ve reviewed to date. One thing I do regret is not being able to test the N7700Pro under a 10GbE interface. Considering the 10GbE is still on the fringes of acceptance and priced beyond what most would consider being a reasonable investment, it probably would do readers little good. Though, as it stands we’ve already hit the bounds of what our current Gigabit Ethernet capabilities can provide in terms of bandwidth and certainly, in the future as the price of 10GbE networking equipment falls, it will be more relevant for readers and for us to test.

Thecus N7700Pro NAS

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s talk about what we didn’t like first. The big one is obviously the interface. Again, if you missed it earlier a live demo of Thecus’ V3 interface can be tested . The password is Thecus. The interface isn’t terrible, but it could definitely use some polishing around the edges. Considering the competition, Thecus has their work cut out. Thecus’ strength is when it comes down to the numbers. A few weeks ago we had a look at QNAP’s TS-559 Pro NAS, a similarly priced five bay unit running an Intel Atom CPU and we declared that the fastest NAS we’ve seen. At the time I welcomed being contradicted and it looks like today I’m eating my words. The N7700 Pro and QNAP’s TS-559 Pro are neck to neck in performance.

We touched on it briefly earlier, but perhaps one of the N7700Pro’s strongest points is value. For a seven bay unit of this caliber of hardware, $1000 dollar is an incredibly attractive package. More than hardware though, the N7700Pro and more generally, network attached storage devices for that sake are finding themselves more and more replacing basic servers. At only a portion of the cost, a NAS can not only out feature but also out perform.


  • Advantages

  • For the price, it doesn’t get much better
  • Packed with features
  • Fast
  • Disadvantages

  • Interface needs some work

I’d like to thank Thecus for making this review possible.


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