Synology DiskStation DS210+ Network Storage Server

Aug 9th, 2010 | By Simon



Earlier this year I had a chance to review the Synology DS210j and it was a very affordable NAS unit that provide many of the bells and whistles available in higher end models. If one could say the Synology DS210j was a two-door Toyota Corolla then the Synology DS210+ would most certainly be the Lexus IS luxury sedan.


The Synology DS210+ is one of three models built on the Freescale processor. The NAS is available in a one drive model, the two drive model we have today and a four drive model. Stepping up a level into the Lexus flagship luxury sedan family we have a four drive, seven drive and ten drive NAS units that sport Intel Atom processors. While it may not be as widely recognized as the Intel Atom processors, the Freescale processor is going to have more than enough horsepower for any small and medium business Users. Read on to find out what kind of punch the DS210+ has to offer for you.

Synology DS210+


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