Logitech diNovo Media Desktop Laser

Dec 29th, 2005 | By | Category: Reviews
While Logitech is famous for 3 very popular categories and have branched off to other areas, we're going to give our attention to a very sleek and stylish desktop combo!

OCZ 1024-3200 Gold Edition XTC

Dec 27th, 2005 | By | Category: Reviews
Heatspreaders have been stuck to performance memory for quite some time, but none quite like this. The new honeycomb design from OCZ is certianly one of a kind. They certianly look great but how do they perform? Let's find out.


Dec 20th, 2005 | By | Category: Reviews
When Intel introduced the dual-core Pentium 4 they also introduced new chipsets to accompany them. Today we look at a full-featured board from EPoX utilizing Intel's 945P chipset.

Silverstone Zeus ST56ZF 560W

Dec 18th, 2005 | By | Category: Reviews
Zeus was the supreme ruler of the Olympian gods and posessed enormous power with his main attribute being the lightning bolt. The Zeus ST56ZF's main attribute would be it's enormous single rail lightning bolt of power.

Spire DigiPanel II

Dec 15th, 2005 | By | Category: Reviews
The DigiPanel II offers a number of features ranging from temperature monitor, fan RPM changing and a number of port extenders. This will certainly be a great tool for those who love quiet computing.

X-Micro DisGo

Dec 9th, 2005 | By | Category: Reviews
X-Micro is a new name for us, but the quest for large amounts of portable storage is not an unfamiliar road. The DisGo boasts up to 40GB of space, will it make you reconsider that Flash drive purchase?

Thermaltake Pure Power PST 520W (Power Station)

Dec 6th, 2005 | By | Category: Reviews
We get products here at Overclockers Online that sometimes come across as a bit over the top or gimmicky. Thermaltake has released a new power supply with a twist. Gimmick? or Great idea? You be the judge.

Samsung SPP-2040 Photo Printer

Dec 4th, 2005 | By | Category: Reviews
The built in software paired with the 2" LCD screen really makes it apealing, ontop of that the quality, size, wide support of various print methods and competitive pricing really puts it ahead of its competitor.

OCZ Rally Drives

Dec 2nd, 2005 | By | Category: Reviews
OCZ enters a new market with a blazing fast drive that cuts no corners. No wonder why it sports the name Rally. Today we get a chance to feature two of the three Rally drives in a one on one showdown!

Creative X-Fi Xtreme Music

Dec 1st, 2005 | By | Category: Reviews
Creative has released an impressive line of new soundcards, today we review the X-Fi Xtreme Music. Is it extreme? Are we impressed? Read on and find out.