Evercool Transformer 3 (HPM-12025)

Dec 19th, 2011 | By Chris


The Transformer 3 is a “light” heat sink assembly at 630g, so no back plate is supplied to secure it. Instead, Evercool opted to go with 4 bolts threaded through from the backside of the motherboard. On the CPU-side, a washer and nut are placed around each bolt, simultaneously securing the bolts perpendicular and working as a spacer. Next, line up the heat sink, place it on the bolts, and fasten it in place with four included thumbscrews.

Installation Installation

Once inside the chassis, the heat sink leaves adequate space between the North Bridge cooler and RAM modules. There is also plenty of space to add an additional 120mm fan, adding to the cooling with a push-pull effect. The Transformer 3 looks very smooth and daring.


The included installation paper was very informative, providing a step-by-step walkthrough with included pictures for both Intel and AMD CPUs. If the installation was superb, will it perform just as phenomenally?


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