Deepcool Ice Matrix 400

Feb 23rd, 2011 | By Chris



Heat sinks are mandatory in any computer system. As electrical currents run through each and every components things begin to heat up. The most notorious of these components is the processor. Heat sink assemblies have been around for several years to accommodate high performance builds, and competition has become increasingly stronger. Deepcool recognizes this, and has been designing and manufacturing cooling-oriented products for years, with headquarters based in China. Why choose Deepcool for your cooling necessities? Deepcool focuses on being Green and Environmentally friendly, being Professional in their focus, and their Unique, Innovative, High quality, and First Class products.


Today we are presented with Deepcool’s Ice Matrix 400. Designed with four U-shaped heat pipes and a 120mm fan strapped to the side, the Ice Matrix 400 is surprising thin – let’s hope this doesn’t impede on any performance expectations.



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