Evercool Transformer 3 (HPM-12025)

Dec 19th, 2011 | By Chris


First off, a profile shot:

Transformer 3

From the sides, all 55 fins sit straight and evenly spaced out. The light reflects evenly, ensuring each brushed aluminum fin has no blemish or manufacturing defect. Embedded within the fins are three copper heat pipes, topped with polished aluminum caps for aesthetic purposes.

Transformer 3 Transformer 3

After removing the “Warning! Remove Before Installation” sticker, the clean base shows its face. The surface is very clean and smooth – almost satin-like in its finish. The reflection isn’t mirror-sharp, but it gives better-than-average detail and color. The clarity and perfection of the contact base is crucial to a heat sink’s performance; the cleaner the surface, the less imperfections it has, and less imperfections means better contact quality with the CPU.

Transformer 3

Read on to learn more about the installation!


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