Corsair Flash Survivor GTR 32GB USB Flash Drive

May 18th, 2010 | By Simon


Much like the Survivor GT, the GTR package is very simple. Inside a clamshell package we have the UFD, a USB extension cable and a set of dog tags. The paper insert shows the capacity of the device and lists some of the available features.

Corsair Survivor GTR Corsair Survivor GTR Corsair Survivor GTR

The aluminum house is rather long in design, about three times longer than your average UFD. The increase size must be a result of a change in NAND chips used as the GTR is over twice the size of most flash drives on the market. The Corsair GTR measures 4.5″ long.

Corsair Survivor GTR Corsair Survivor GTR

The same weather-proofing is used. An o-ring compresses as you screw the two ends together to prevent water from entering.

Corsair Survivor GTR


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