EonNAS 1100 NAS Network Storage Server

Data Rot! Every time a compact disk gives up the ghost and you some files, youve experienced it. All digital storage technologies are susceptible to data rot, AKA bit rot. Benchmark Reviews recently highlighted reliability issues that SSD users are experiencing their flash memory failures have been an eye-opening experience for consumers. We all know how a hard drive crashes, but were not so clear on how electrons disappear.

Lian Li PC-A76 Full Tower Case

*Quote:* *One of the latest entries into the Lian Li lineup is the massive two foot high PC-A76 a full tower case that boasts subtle good looks and includes plenty of interior space. At $220, it may be expensive but the quality of construction is second to none and there are plenty of modification options.* *Image URL:* http://images.hardwarecanucks.com/image//skymtl/CASE/PC-A75/4.jpg We would appreciate it if you would post this in your News section.

SSD prices down 38% in 2012, but up in Q4

Sina-1 (LC10TAB-A9-DUAL)


EVERCOOL new Xbox 360 S cooler– TG-XB2

Device Fit: Xbox 360 S

• The Standard USB Interface design meets the multi USB device users’ mass demand.
• The green fin blade and black frame configuration makes a perfect match to Xbox 360 Slim.
• Xbox 360 S cooler sets up consisting of two 80mm fan providing the most efficient heat flow into XBox.

Overall Dimension : 194.5 x 90 x 35.5 mm
DC Fan Size : 80 x 80 x 10 mm x2
Bearing Type : EL Bearing
Fan Speed : 2500 ± 15% RPM
Life Time : 60,000 hr
Air Flow : 18 CFM
Noise Level : < 23.3 dBA
Rated Voltage : 5 V.DC
Weight : 181.5 g
Packing Detail

=windows-1252QOtterbox iPhone 4 / 4S Defender Ser

VTX3D HD 7870 Black Edition 2 GB

Noctua NH-L9i Low Profile CPU Cooler

For all that big tower coolers and closed loop liquid coolers have their u ses, there is also a significant market out there for compact, low noise models. Noctua are looking to fill that gap with the NH-L9i which aims to be a replacement for the stock Intel model, or an ideal product for S FF and HTPC use.

South Korean scientists develop first flexible Li-ion batteries