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Patriot Memory has a winner on their hands here with Torqx SSD. The performance is not only lightning fast, but consistent regardless of how full the drive is. A welcomed change for solid state drives. Coupled with the 3.5" bracket, the Torqx is the complete package for desktop storage upgrades.
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Super Talent's Luxio USB flash drive not only looks good, but it also packs several features in its compact and elegant form factor. With 64GB of storage space and AES 256-bit encryption, the Luxio is not lacking in any respect. How does it perform? Read on for the details.
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Blu-ray may have won the HD war, but DVD's still reign supreme for optical storage. Plextor gives you the best of both worlds with the PX-B310 External Blu-ray combo drive. Read on to see if this external drive meets all of your needs.

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