leadimage QNAP TS-259 Pro Turbo NAS QNAP has always managed to stay in the forefront of NAS technology. Whenever there’s a new processor that is capable of doing more while costing less and taking up less power, QNAP jumps on the technology to create a new model. [Full Story]

leadimage Synology Disk Station DS210j We often read about NAS devices that cost several hundreds of dollars. Let’s face the fact; most of us can’t afford that. So where does this leave us? Let’s introduce the Synology DS210j, a crossover breed that brings power and performance without the high price tag. [Full Story]


MW2 edition ATI Radeon HD 5830 Video Card

*Rage3D reviews Sapphires CoD:Modern Warfare 2 edition ATI Radeon HD 5830, including some interesting CrossFireX action and a look at CPU requirements. Also, read our interview with AMDs Dave Hoff, with more on this weeks Open Physics Initiative announcement and more coming from GDC 2010! *

Arctic Cooling E361-BM Earphone

Arctic Cooling E361-BM Earphone

iXBT Labs

Excerpt: This motherboard can be recommended to users who upgrade rarely and have no need for the latest innovations. Consider this solution, if, upgrading, you tend to use as many older parts you already have as possible.

Intel Core i7-980X Processor Extreme Edition

The Intel Core i7-980X Desktop Processor Extreme Edition was foun d to exceed our exceed our initial expectations, which says a ton. Having six physical processing cores created an amazing user experience when ru nning multi-threaded applications. The enormous growth of HD media conten t in the home is driving the demand for computer systems that have the ho rse power to deliver an enjoyable user experience for the consumer. If yo u have ever tried to create a Blu-ray movie or just tried to transcode so me HD movies you know how much time it takes to work on a project and tha t can be frustrating for those that do it often. With the new Intel Core i7-980X Processor you can improve productivity, save power and the best p art is that it can be a drop-in replacement for those with existing socke t LGA1366 motherboard. Anybody that runs multi-thread applications is sur e to appreciate a six-core processor…

Razer Imperator Gaming Mouse

Looking for a new gaming mouse? Check out the Razer Imperator. It s got 5600DPI and 9 customizable buttons! you need to read our review at TechwareLabs before making your next purchasing decision.

akasa NeroS heatpipe CPU cooler

For this review I will be looking at a product from one of Xtreme Computings long time friends, Akasa and the product I will be looking at is one of their new CPU coolers, the NeroS. Coming from Akasa and being labelled aa a Premier Cooler I am expecting some good results.

Intel i7 980x (Extreme)

SNIP: With the Intel Core i7 980x in hand benchmarks have been humming along. Strictly business gaming sessions (thats our story), photo editing, and general computing have been eye popping. Some things have been flying by so fast that we had to re-check them just to make sure they actually happened.

Intel Core i7-980XE Gulftown 6-Core 32nm Processor

Intel I7-980X Gulftown Six Core Processor

Article Snippet: The Intel I7-980x being reviewed today is one of those products coming onto the market that you know know is more of a 32nm victory lap rather than a product that is trying to leap-frog the competition. With nothing in sight that could even touch the Nehalem in terms of performance, the Gulftown adds to an impressive performance market lead that will not be superceded by anyone but themselves for some time to come.