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The NZXT Beta is a value-oriented gamer chassis that has great expandability and isn't unlike other mid-tower cases in the market. Does this value come at a price? Read on to find out.
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Slim, lightweight, and USB powered. Liteon's newest external DVD drive has all of these portable features, but does this compromise performance? Read on to find out!
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Evercool continues to wage the war of competition and reveals their secret weapon, the Cruise Missile. Does the Cruise Missile have enough performance power to blow its competitors out of the water? Read on!

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Xoxide is your source for your overclocking needs and gaming gear. You can find many cooling accessories like fans, heatsinks, and water cooling accessories that will keep even the most overclocked box from overheating. Whether you are looking to fully upgrade your system, or just add a few more fans, Xoxide has what you need for a ice cold box. Be sure to check out all of !
Gaming Keyboards

Pwn Your Opponents with Instant Access to the Keys You Need.

In need of a keyboard that's specifically catered to the hardcore gamer? This unique collection of gaming keyboards feature everything from a normal interface with additional gaming keys to exclusive pads designed strictly for the sole purpose of gaming. Who needs a joystick when you have the ultimate arsenal of keys that a puts in your command?

Computer Speakers

Take Your Game to "11" with Computer Speakers from Xoxide.

Close your eyes and prepare to fully immerse yourself in the sounds of PC warfare.  If you're ready to take your gaming experience to the next level, Xoxide offers a wide variety of that will allow you to feel like you're truly a part of your favorite games. Also, for music lovers who enjoy seeking out the hottest new sounds on the web, our great selection of computer speakers will allow listeners to get a fully authentic experience to compliment their listening needs.

CPU fans

Technology Got You All Hot & Bothered? Keep Your Processor Cool with a quality CPU Fan.

Sure, you can stuff all the high-end gadgets you want into your PC, but if you don't have a decent to keep things running smoothly, you can expect all that brand new technology to crash and burn pretty quickly. Xoxide carries performance CPU Fans and Coolers for just about every motherboard/processor configuration imaginable.

USB Keyboards

Plug in and Play Your Favorite Games Through the Majesty of USB.

If you're looking for the ultimate in plug-and-play keyboarding, look no further than for everything you need for all things USB. From illuminated keyboards to uniquely shaped gaming boards that will help MMO-fanatics tear through those long-running online tournaments, this awesome collection of will provide you with just the right tool for just the right price.

USB flash drives

Never Leave Home Without Your Favorite Files Again.

Perfect for quick and easy storage of music, movies, and other small files, a is the ultimate on-the-go tool for immediate transfer of information to any computer hard drive imaginable. Xoxide carries a unique assortment of flash drives, from a USB that converts over to an SD or Digital Memory Card, to 1GB Drives that also can be used as - believe it or not - a Swiss Army Knife.

USB cables

When it Comes to Cable Ports, You Can Never Have Enough USB.

Over the last decade, many of us have come to rely on for the connection and transfer of just about every external computer accessory and storage device. From 6ft 2.0 Cables with Blue LED's to cables that both retract and extend their individual lengths, Xoxide has all the right USB tools to allow the proper connection to each and every one of your PC accessories.

Case fans

Not a "Fan" of an Overheated Case? Xoxide has the Solution.

Available in a variety of different sizes and colors, Xoxide carries a huge selection of case fans, featuring an extensive spectrum of colors and sizes ranging from 40mm to 120mm. Whether you're in the market for a quieter computer, or just looking for an easy way to keep your PC nice and cool, you're sure to find a that is ideal for your needs.

Bawls Energy Drink

When it Comes to Liquid Energy, You Gotta Have Bawls.

When you're in need of that extra jolt of energy to get you through that all-night LAN Party, you're going to want a powerhouse of a drink that truly delivers. That's right, you're going to need a drink with real . This highly caffeinated energy drink delivers a heavy dose of guarana, and offers a light, crisp taste that's the perfect pick-me-up whenever you need that extra “oomph”…day or night.

Mouse pads

The Pads to Take Your PC Navigation to the Next Level.

If you're a gamer or graphic designer, sometimes having the right mouse just isn't enough…especially if you're still using that shoddily designed mouse pad you received in a gift bag at that Company Picnic in 2006. Featuring an array of unique designs that are both stylish and fully functional, Xoxide has the perfect selection of that are ideal for both gaming and graphics work.

Energy Drinks

The Right Selection of Energy Drinks to Keep Your Mouse Hand Moving.

Whether it's business, gaming, or a serious night of cramming before that big final, sometimes you simply have to pull that all-nighter in front of your PC. For these unique occasions, God created (before the First Day, of course, did you seriously think he could have accomplished all that without it?). Xoxide carries all your favorites, from Bawls, Jolt, Rip It, Nerd, and Nelly's Pimp Juice, guaranteed to give you that serious jolt to get you through…night or day.

Notebook coolers

Is Your Laptop Suffering from Heat Exhaustion? Time to Cool Things Down.

Yep, just about every laptop owner knows how hot those suckers can get. If you find yourself routinely getting that burning sensation along your thighs, you should either go see a doctor or invest in a . Perfect for increasing both your personal comfort and the longevity of your laptop, these coolers are the ideal accessory for any on-the-go user, and even come with some great extras, including card readers and USB ports.

Gaming Mice

Get the Competitive Edge You Need with a Gaming Mouse.

When the time comes for your favorite online MMO to get down and dirty, having the right mouse can make all the difference. From the curvature of the design to the way it glides across the pad, your should be perfectly suited to your specific needs as a player. Featuring custom mice from some of today's hottest manufactures (such as Razer, Logitech, Logisys, and Sunbeam), you'll be able to find the perfect weapon to add to your gaming arsenal.

USB Mice

Replace that slow PS2 mouse with a Brand New USB Mouse.

Featuring the right mouse to suit just about every shape, size, and price range, a is the perfect tool for replacing that old and bulgy cheese-eater that still wobbles across the right side of your desk. Offering everything from gorgeous curvature, exquisite illumination to precise laser gaming, these USB mice will bring you into a new age of PC navigation.


Easily Communicate with your Computer. Choose the Perfect Keyboard.

An essential part of any computer console (if you're interested in, you know, using it), there's little doubt that the keyboard is arguably the most important tool for interacting with your desktop. Xoxide is proud to carry a fantastic supply of to suit the interests of all sorts of PC users, from uniquely crafted USB keyboards tailor-made for the hardcore gamer, to super slim illuminated boards for the businessman who needs that report on the boss's desk early in the A.M.

HDMI cables

The Future is Here. It's Time to Update to HDMI.

With the looming demise of cable boxes just around the corner, there's no denying that digital has officially taken over the US. In order to best utilize your new flat panel TV or widescreen monitor, Xoxide is here to provide you with the ideal cables to connect your source to the output device of your choosing. Don't let a bad cable mess with your performance; make sure to use when you're building your own HTPC setup!