Ortery PhotoCapture 360

Jun 13th, 2010 | By Simon


The PhotoCapture 360 is a magnificent tool for those with a webstore looking to improve a visitor’s shopping experience. While each Flash image takes up a little more space than a static picture, it gives the user a much better look at the product – something that once only could be done by physically holding the item. If you were concerned that stitching together a 360 degree view of a product would take a while then I’m here to say that is definitely not the case. It may take 20 minutes to photograph and stitch together 40 pictures but 99% of the time you don’t need that level of detail. You could easily put together a quality 360 degree image with as few as 12 images and that would only take a few minutes!


The PhotoCapture 360 is limited to 25 lbs but it does that with ease and I’m sure if you put something a little more it wouldn’t hurt. However, you can always go bigger and the top of the line model can carry up to 400 lbs! In a world where first impressions are most important, the PhotoCapture 360 is guaranteed to offer your clients an experience the competition can’t bring to the table.


  • Advantages

  • Simple to use with plenty of advanced features
  • Automated process for creating 3D images
  • Low profile requires little space to setup
  • Disadvantages

  • Can’t load PhotoCapture 360 Image Creator without device connected

I’d like to thank Ortery for making this review possible.


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