Ortery PhotoCapture 360

Jun 13th, 2010 | By Simon


There are a ton of settings you can adjust with the Image Creator. The best thing to do is to try out all the permutations until you figure out what works best with your product. I knew 4 pictures per rotation was definitely not enough to capture the detail of any product and 20 to 40 shots were more up in my ally. You should certainly experiment with 100 and 200 pictures per rotation and your resolution depending on the item you have. There isn’t as much detail in a circular camera lens as there would be for a backpack or a flower pot full of roses.

Click here for my 50mm macro lens taken at 150 dpi with 4 images per rotation, 20 images per rotation and 40 images per rotation.

At 12 images per rotation I also created animations at 72dpi, 150dpi and 300 dpi for your comparison.

Using Flash animations a whole new set of features are available. Here we can control the rotation and even pause it. One additional added benefit is the reduced file size compared to the GIF animation. I’m glad Ortery has included this feature in the Image Creator. Similar to creating the animated GIFs, a single click creates the Flash file for you! If you prefer, you can export all of the photos to a folder and do some touch ups in photoshop before re-loading the pictures in the Image Creator and creating your animation. This gives you the flexibility to adjust white balance, colors, brightness, etc. before making the final 3D product. It also helps to have a light tent to create a uniform background for your pictures.

Don Rhon Bottle – Dominican Rum – Rotate Once and Control with Mouse

Kittling Ridge Estate Icewine & Brandy – Control with Mouse

SmartSwipe – Rotate Once and Control with Mouse

Just to prove that the Ortery PhotoCapture 360 can support 25 lbs here is a weight plate sitting on the PhotoCapture 360, rotate the weight with your mouse.


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