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Jun 13th, 2010 | By Simon


The website has a wealth of information and when you navigate to the website they have links to various examples of what you can do with the device as well as the typical features and and specification details that I’ll repeat below.

PC-CONTROLLED PhotoCapture 360 consists of a turntable and image creation software that work in unison with a compatible digital camera. The creation software controls every aspect of the turntable, camera, picture taking and picture processing workflows. Pictures are composed and taken by clicking Preview, Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Crop and Snap in the software.

REAL-TIME PREVIEW- A real-time preview on your computer monitor screen allows you to view the object as it spins so you can make position, composition, lighting and crop adjustments before taking a single picture. The pictures are automatically cropped as they are taken and ‘Wobble’ issues are completely eliminated.

AUTO IMAGE CAPTURE- In the software, select the number of pictures to take during one revolution, image size, image resolution and the direction of rotation. Pressing Start synchronizes turntable movement (starting & stopping) and the camera to automate picture taking. It’s fast! Take 20 pictures in ~2 minutes 10 seconds. Continuous, time-lapse and manual image capture options are available.

OUTPUT OPTIONS- Resulting pictures can be 1) stitched together in the PhotoCapture software to create animated Flash (SWF) and GIF files. 2) Exported for editing then re-imported for final stitching 3) Exported to another program such as Flash(R) or QuickTime(R) VR for final processing.

Features and Benefits

PhotoCapture 360PhotoCapture 360PhotoCapture 360


PhotoCapture 360

How it works

PhotoCapture 360

Software Workflow

PhotoCapture 360


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