iCute Aluminum 300 & 420 Watt

Apr 18th, 2002 | By | Category: Reviews
Aluminum cases have been around for ages now and I believe we can say that every alu case owner in today's hardware scene loves his or her case a lot. Well today we have a look at a cheap, but more than decent aluminum 300W power supply from iCute and its big brother, the iCute4 420W PSU. I would strongly advise every power user to read on and find out more about these iCute PSUs here at O² …

AOpen AX45-V SiS645

Apr 14th, 2002 | By | Category: Reviews
SiS has built a sweet DDR Pentium 4 chipset, in order to compete with VIA and Intel on the Pentium 4 market. AOpen has produced a fine looking motherboard based upon the SiS chipset, called the AX45-V. Overclockers Online took it for a spin and shares the expierences …

Intel P4 Northwood

Apr 11th, 2002 | By | Category: Reviews
About six months ago, Overclockers Online was very proud to present you guys one of the first reviews in the world of a P4 CPU running at 2GHz. It was the first CPU to break the magical 2GHz barrier and performed really nice. Today, O² has the P4 Northwood 2.2GHz CPU on the test bench. Let's see how things have changed since last August …

Vantec Stealth Fans

Apr 9th, 2002 | By | Category: Reviews
Case cooling is very important, but most of the time people ignore it because they don't like the additional noise that comes with it. Today I present you the Vantec Stealth Fan, a new kind of fan that increases cooling without increasing the noise!

AOpen H600A Super Tower

Apr 7th, 2002 | By | Category: Reviews
AOpen is known for their excellent motherboards and cd-rom/cd-rewriter units but they also produce a wide variety of computer cases. Overclockers Online got the H600A to play with, which turned out to be a pretty sweet case!