CeBIT 2002 Coverage

Mar 31st, 2002 | By | Category: Reviews
Overclockers Online was at the largest computer fare on the globe, called CeBIT and this is our coverage of this gigantic hardware fest! We got a truckload of pictures and information for you to enjoy, so check it out!

Placing The Pennies: My VOS-32

Mar 17th, 2002 | By | Category: Reviews
The road has been long and hard with my Globalwin VOS32. Oh yes. But the heatsink and I have made our peace. Come, join me my brothers in this glorious celebration!

Win2K VIA AGP GART Comparison

Mar 15th, 2002 | By | Category: Reviews
VIA has released the 4.10 AGP drivers, and I took a gander at their performance, as well as a few older ones. Hey Mikey, I think he likes it!