Intel Pentium 4 2.0GHz

Aug 27th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Intel released a new flavor of their Pentium 4 processor today, and with that they are the first company to break the magical 2GHz barrier. Is Intel’s new P4 as powerful as the number suggests? Lets take a look shall we?

EPoX 4T2A Pentium4 Motherboard

Aug 26th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
With the 4T2A EPoX enters the Pentium4 market and they did a very good job with their very first P4 motherboard! The 4T2A has shown to be a very stable board with several features and tweakable options. Want to see how it performs? Read on …

Hardcore Kyro II Overclocking

Aug 24th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Today, we present our readers a special article and it’s NOT a Kyro2 review. No sir, this time we’re going to show you what O really stands for. Get ready for the ultimate Kyro2 overclocking guide. It’s a fairly easy and cheap process and we believe everyone can do it! So come on in and find out how we do it …

Windtunnel III Case

Aug 20th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Another case review @ O, but this time it is a very special case with a lot of cool gadgets, sweet features, great looks and amazing cooling performance. Want to know more about the Windtunnel III? Here is your chance!

AMD 1.4GHz Athlon

Aug 16th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
It has been a while since we reviewed a processor at O, but today that is about to change. We installed one of the most powerful processors currently available in our test rig and took it for a spin. How will this piece of silicon handle our torturing? Read on …

MacPower DigiDoc5

Aug 11th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Have you ever been dieing to get a piece of hardware that you really, REALLY like? And once you finally get it, you feel nothing but joy and happiness? Well, that’s the feeling I have today after I just installed the MacPower DigiDoc5 in my rig! Want to know what this goodie can do to your rig and if it’s worth your $$$? Well, I guess you have to read on …

Romtec Trios Hard Drive Selector

Aug 7th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
If you have to share your computer with your room mates or you just want to experiment a lot with your computer without running the risk of losing all your prescious data, than the Romtec Trios HDD Selector is what you have been waiting for!

SocketA Cooler Shootout August 2001

Aug 4th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Since our previous cooler roundup in May, a lot has changed on the cooler market. We’ve seen some interesting and promising new contenders in the great cooler battle. The quest for the perfect heatsink continues here @ O. Read on …