Logitech Optical Wheel Mouse

Jan 28th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
A mouse is one of the most important parts of your computer since it is used in Windows all the time, but most games benefit from a good mouse too! Logitech recently released an optical mouse, which means a small laser is used to calculate the position of the cursor instead of a ball. Did Logitech succeeded in their plan to design a good mouse? Let’s find out …


Jan 24th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Since the arrival of the KT133A chipset from VIA, owners of AMD cpu’s can also enjoy the faster front side busses which were previously ‘Intel-Only’. To run your processor at high fsb’s, you need good quality memory … Today we take a look and the OCZ Value series memory so if you are curious to see what it can do, read the review!

Abit VP6 Motherboard

Jan 18th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
It has been a while since we saw a good SMP capable motherboard, but now Abit decided to do something about that and release the succesor of the famous BP6! Is the new VP6 just as good or is it even better? Read the review and find out …

Case Modding Part One

Jan 17th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Are you feeling sorry for yourself because your case is just the same one and your neighbour’s? Do you have too much heat in your case, inhibiting you from overclocking that killer cpu even more? Then this is what you need! This is part one of a guide on how to modify your computer case so check it out now …

Alpha PEP66T Heatsink

Jan 12th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Last week, we had the Alpha PAL6035 heatsink on our testbed and now we’re taking a closer look at another Alpha heatsink, the PEP66T. Can it keep your highly overclocked CPU cool? Let’s check it out…

VIA 4 in 1 Drivers Comparision

Jan 11th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Lately we are being overwhelmed with all the VIA 4 in 1 drivers that are being released or leaked. Are you also asking yourself which version you should use? Wondering if there is any difference in performance between all these releases? OC Online compares all the latest releases and has all the answers to your questions!

JustCooler HD-100 & HD-600

Jan 5th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Hard drive cooling… Who has ever thought about installing this? I guess there aren’t many of you guys who can give ‘me’ for an answer. That’s why we decided to test some hard drive coolers from JustCooler. Read on…

Alpha PAL6035 Heatsink

Jan 4th, 2001 | By | Category: Reviews
Are you looking for a good heatsink to cool that highly overclocked Duron or Pentium III? Then Alpha has a solution to your problem! The new PAL6035 fits both AMD and Intel cpu’s and Overclockers Online torture tested it for your reading pleasure.