Globalwin VOS32 SECC2 Cooler

Sep 19th, 2000 | By | Category: Reviews
I will tame this beast if it’s the last thing I do! Read about my initial attempts and thoughts about this monstrous cooler.

Detonator Battle! 5.32 vs 6.18

Sep 17th, 2000 | By | Category: Reviews
Searching for the perfect driver set has become a hobby of almost every NVIDIA card owner since time past. Tweaking for every FPS is not only beneficial, but it’s fun too! This is going nowhere, so just read.

Innovision Tornado Geforce 2 MX

Sep 17th, 2000 | By | Category: Reviews
Read my adventures in unveiling the mysteries of the budget NVIDIA video card. It gets pretty hairy, so old people and pregnant women beware.