Cyber Snipa PC Game Pad 2

Nov 21st, 2008 | By Nivedh

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Cyber Snipa PC Game Pad 2

: 11/21/08 – 05:15:44 AM


: Input Devices

Page 1 : Index

: Cyber Snipa

Having never heard of Cyber Snipa before, I did some research and found out that they are manufacturers of PC gaming equipment in association with a company named Flexiglow in Hong Kong. With keyboards, mice, mouse pads, headsets, webcams, and other accessories, Cyber Snipa prides themselves on their products which claim to enhance gamers' experiences. Their motto is ‘On Target Gaming’ this and can be seen in their logo as well as in their specialized products.

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We'll be looking at Cyber Snipa's
PC Game Pad 2
in this review. Though the name might be generic, this is no ordinary gamepad. With 37 mappable keys, this product hopes to replace your keyboard when it comes to playing your favorite games.

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Page 2 : Package, Features & Specifications

The package is attractive, with a clear window that allows the user to see most of the face of the Game Pad 2, which includes all the buttons. The only thing you can't see is the palm rest. Cyber Snipa's logo is displayed prominently along with the slogan ‘On Target Gaming’ which goes well with the crosshair logo. A soldier wielding a rifle emphasizes the theme further as the Game Pad 2 is aimed to be used with first-person shooter (FPS) type games.

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One side has a small list of features. The USB Game Pad 2 has 37 mappable keys, a built-in volume control, and a detachable palm rest.

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The other side shows off some of the awards the Game Pad 2 has received.

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The bottom has the URL for Cyber Snipa's website and regulatory markings.

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Turning to the back of the package, we see some more of features, some compatible games, system requirements, and package contents. Also, we have a product description in six languages.

I headed over to Cyber Snipa's website to look for features and specifications. They were taken from this page.

Product Details:

Anyone who has played FPS games for long periods of time will tell you that a standard keyboard is just too cramped for precision control and long term game play. The Game Pad can take you to the highest level of skill and help you to be the best in the game.

Position it alongside your mouse and mouse pad in a far more flexible way that optimizes game space. The intuitive key layout reduces the learning curve and improves game control, speed and accuracy.

‘OK soldier, you have your mission. Stay alive out there. That's an order!’

Technical Specs:

* LED under-lighting
* 37 mappable keys
* Plug and play – no drivers needed
* ‘Butterfly’ directional keys
* Compatible with Vista 32 and 64bit
* Connection: USB
Package Details:

Package Size: 370 x 250 x 50mm
Product Size: 235 x 153 x 24mm
Product Weight: 380g excluding packaging
515g including packaging
Package Contents: 1x Cyber Snipa Game Pad V2(TM)
1x Instruction Manual
Now we can move on to looking at the device itself.

Page 3 : Package Contents

Opening the box reveals the Cyber Snipa Game Pad 2 nestled in a plastic frame for protection.

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Beneath the frame, we have the manual. The lengthy USB cord comes wrapped in plastic for protection.

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Looking at the front face of the Game Pad 2, the most obvious feature would have to be the blue ‘butterfly’ directional pad featuring the Q, W, E, A, S, and D keys. Surrounding this are all the often used keys in many first-person shooter (FPS) games. Note that the common keys such as TAB to view the score, R to reload, F to use, SHIFT for run/walk, CTRL for crouch, and SPACE to jump are already labeled. These aren't set in stone, however, as you can of course change the mappings. At the top we have the ESC button, 4 F (function) keys, and a tilde key. Beneath that there are 10 number keys. Everything below that are the normally used keys. Of note is the volume up/down keys on the left side. Below everything is the detachable wrist rest.

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The Game Pad 2 is relatively tall and takes up quite a bit of room, although not as much as say a keyboard. One side of the device features a small button which is used to turn on and off the blue LED lighting system that Flexiglow is known for.

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The other side is devoid of any such buttons.

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Looking at the back of the device, we can see a label with regulatory information as well as the six rubber feet that serve to keep the Game Pad from sliding around while you are engaged in all sorts of FPS action.

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We can now move on to see how it actually performs.

Page 4 : Installation & Testing

Installing is as easy as plugging the USB cord into your computer. Since the Cyber Snipa Game Pad 2 acts as a keyboard of sorts, no special software is required to configure it.

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The blue LED in the middle of the sniper scope image lights up when power is supplied. Pressing the button on the right side of the device turns on the side LEDs. The side LEDs are pretty bright and some users might find them annoying, but thankfully you can turn them off.

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The LEDs are especially obvious with the lights off. Here you can see them reflecting off several surfaces.

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To test the Game Pad 2, I used it to play some of my favorite games, mostly first-person shooters. First up was F.E.A.R., followed by Half-Life 2, Call of Duty 4, and then Doom 3. I also played Test Drive Unlimited, in which I used the Game Pad 2 for driving my motorbikes for my Logitech G25 did not work so well with them. The keys were mapped with ease, and the device performed admirably. It felt a lot more comfortable than using the keyboard and the detachable wrist rest is very soft. The keys are also positioned such that their use feels very natural. The pad wasn't that great for use in Test Drive Unlimited as the mappings don't exactly correspond to the types of things you do in the game. Although you can change the mappings, it is probably better to use the keyboard. However, in FPS games, the Game Pad 2 was great and it definitely improved the experience. The rubber pads on the bottom were nice and did not cause the device to slide except for in the most intense of situations.

Page 5 : Conclusion

If you are a hardcore gamer and you like first-person shooters, the Cyber Snipa Game Pad 2 is something you should consider. It is a great improvement over the keyboard in terms of both form and function – it is more compact and the buttons are organized to be exactly where you expect them.

This may result in a more comfortable gaming position, which is always welcome now that I think about how much keyboards hurt my wrists.

I like the way the Game Pad 2 is plug-and-play, with no extra software to install. The keys have a satisfying clunk and the device as a whole feels very solid.

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Overall, I would highly recommend the Cyber Snipa Game Pad 2, but only if you really need it for playing FPS games as it is a somewhat specialized product.


  • Space-effective (compact)

  • Intuitive layout
  • Very comfortable


  • Only useful if you play a lot of FPS games

Overclockers Online would like to thank Cyber Snipa for providing the review sample of the Game Pad 2.

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