Evercool Transformer 4 PLUS

Oct 31st, 2011 | By



Heat sinks are mandatory in any computer system. As electrical currents run through each and every component, things begin to heat up. The most notorious of these components is the processor. Heat sink assemblies have been around for several years to accommodate high performance builds, and competition has become increasingly stronger. Evercool recognizes this, and has designed and manufactured CPU coolers since 1994, with headquarters based in Taipei. Why choose Evercool? “Evercool” can be separated into two words: “ever” and “cool”. Evercool products will always keep a computer from overheating, by keeping them cool.


Today we are presented with Evercool’s Transformer 4 PLUS. Designed with four U-shaped heat pipes and dual PWM 120mm fans strapped to the sides, and the addition of new Intel socket design compatibility, let’s see if Evercool can teach an old dog new tricks.

Transformer 4 PLUS


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