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Deepcool is a company founded with the pure intention of providing the enthusiast populace with quality cooling products. Ranging from laptop cooling, to desktop cooling, to even more extensive server cooling, Deepcool’s goal is to maintain top-notch customer satisfaction by offering ever-changing thermal needs to accommodate the ever-changing heat producing components.


Today, I introduce the Z5 thermal compound. This is Deepcool’s mid range solution, placing it between the lower-end Z3 and the high-quality Z9. Thermal compound is a must for any CPU, as it acts as a bond between the CPU itself and any heat sink system installed on top, transferring the heat away from the system critical component.

The Product and Accessories

The tube of Z5 comes sealed a plastic clean-lined card. Using a simple array of patterns with shades of white and blue, the feeling of “coolness and calm” radiates from its transparent interior. The bulleted points “High Thermal Conductivity; Low Thermal Resistance; Electrically Non-Conductive; Easy Application” grace the border of the large tube of Z5 thermal compound residing in the center.

Deepcool Z5

On the backside, there is a small comparison graph showing the Z5′s performance versus the Z9 and the original cooler grease at the top of the card. Moving down, you see the Z5′s specifications, and a small 3-step guide on how to apply the compound.

Deepcool Z5

To free the tube from its plastic prison, one must cut the packaging right open. Also included inside is a small spreader, which is extremely convenient for anyone needing something to evenly and smoothly spread the compound out over the CPU. The syringe contains 3g; easily enough for a least a few applications.

Deepcool Z5

Let’s take a quick look at the specifications and features before we get closer.

Specifications and Compatibility

According to the Deepcool website, these are the exact specifications:


Features are as listed:

  • Excellent thermal conductivity
  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Wide range of application temperature

Now that isn’t particularly a long list of features, but when it comes to thermal compound, do you really need much more? It’s the cooling performance that’s key, and Deepcool promises that. Read on to the next page for testing.

Testing and Conclusion

To apply the Z5 compound, simply push one end of the syringe; it will slowly come out the fine tip on to the applying surface. Spreading it with the included applicator made the job that much simpler. The compound had a nice viscosity as well, being neither thick and dry, nor thin and watery, which made it even easier to evenly apply to the entire surface.

Deepcool Z5

The following system configuration will be used to test the Z5′s cooling capabilities:

  • ASUS P5WD2
  • Intel Pentium D 925 @ 3.00GHz w/ OCZ Gladiator Max HSF
  • Buffalo Firestix 4x1024MB @ 800MHZ
  • Powerman 300w PSU
  • nVidia 8500gt
  • Seagate 2.5″ 2x120GB Barracuda RAID0
  • Windows 7 Home Premium

For the test, I will have the processor idle for two hours. Once the two hours are done, I will record the temperatures of the CPU core. I will then stress the CPU with Everest’s System Stability Test for two hours. Temperatures will be recorded again. The Z5 will be tested against the following competitors:

  • Super Lube Silicone Heat Sink Compound

  • Evercool Cruise Missile

The ambient room temperature is 21 degrees Celsius

Here are the results:


The Z5 yields some interesting results. Idling, it trumps the standard OEM thermal compound by six degrees, and is a whole 11 degrees cooling from under full load. However, when compared to a competing performance compound, such as the Evercool Cruise Missile, the results prove that the two compounds maintain a head-to-head, stride-for-stride comparison. While there is no affirmed victor in this scenario, it is a welcome, friendly reminder that something is seemingly minor as a thin spread of thermal compound can make a world of difference.

Deepcool has added an addition to the array of thermal compounds out there, and it isn’t one to be overlooked. While not being the absolute best out there, the Z5 still has lots to offer, especially for anyone looking to replace their stock thermal compound with something that can offer much better performance, at a very reasonable price. It’s estimated to be roughly $10 for the 3 gram tube.


  • Decent Performance

  • Included applicator


  • None

A special thanks to Deepcool for making this review possible.

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