Sentey Golden Steel Power 1000W Power Supply

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I think an appropriate way to start off this review would be to address: Who is Sentey? We frequently see the same names over and over again and while there is objectively nothing wrong with that, actually I’d go so far as to say there is a reason why that is, it is, at the same time nice to see new faces. Sentey which has headquarters based in Florida is founded on a philosophy of performance, quality, innovation and sustainability. Their mission is innovation and providing excellent products. Honorable, but for a new company to not set their sights high is hardly one destined for success. For Sentey, whether this materializes is only but the universal concern of all new companies. But I think, we can all agree on one thing and that is it starts first with some good products and that’s what we’re going to decide today. And an 80Plus Gold power supply is as good as a place as any to start.

Sentey Golden Steel Power 1000W

Sentey’s Golden Steel Power, as the name suggests is an 80Plus Gold power supply. The Golden Steel Power series consists of three models in 750W, 850W and a 1000W model. We’re going to be looking at the 1000W variant.


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