SilverStone Grandia GD05 Case

Dec 16th, 2010 | By Simon



Not too long ago I reviewed the SilverStone LC19 HTPC case. This was a very unique case in that it had a very slim profile allow you to sneak and computer in with your TV without taking very much space up. One of the sacrifices that had to be made was the use of the NT07-1156, a low profile cooler that would likely be the only thing you could fit inside the LC19. If you wanted more versatility in your HTPC case, then you’ve come to the right review. The Grandia GD05 is a mATX HTPC desktop style case.


The Grandia GD05 is much larger than the LC19 but the increased size means you don’t need to make as many compromises. With the GD05 you can install a regular 5.25″ DVD/Blu-Ray player, install several hard drives and feature larger diameter fans for increased cooling potential.

SilverStonetek GD05

Follow along in today’s review as we take you through the GD05.


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