RCA DHT235C Portable Digital TV

Jun 8th, 2011 | By Jared


RCA is making an active push in the portable TV market and the DHT235C Portable Digital TV is the entry model. The DHT235C runs on four AA batteries that provide up to three hours of runtime. The built in digital antenna provides a clean and crisp picture and proves that terrestrial television isn’t dead.


The lack of Mobile TV support quickly becomes apparent when you simply pick up the DHT235C and move it as you lose a clear signal. While it may lack Mobile TV support with a price of $89 shipped, the DHT235C would make a good addition to any emergency preparedness pack or even to take along with you for that quick day trip.

  • Advantages

  • Small and portable
  • Battery operated
  • LED screen
  • Disadvantages

  • No Mobile TV support

I would like to thank RCA for making this review possible.


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