Patriot LX Pro 32GB SDHC

Jun 3rd, 2011 | By Jared


I received the LX Pro 32GB model before a retail package was ready so the card showed up packaged simply in a clear plastic case.

Patriot LX Pro 32GB SDHC

The LX Pro has some coloring to set it apart from other models and has the pertinent information displayed on the front with capacity, the class 10 rating and model. On the back are the contact points as well as the model and serial number faintly printed in black.

Patriot LX Pro 32GB SDHC Patriot LX Pro 32GB SDHC

On the side is a small white lock to prevent data from accidentally being deleted when in the down position.

Patriot LX Pro 32GB SDHC

In this day and age just about everyone has probably used either an SD or SDHC card. If we travel over to Patriot’s website , there is information about the LX Pro series. Here is what Patriot has to say:

The Patriot Memory LX Pro Series Class 10 SDHC memory cards takes stunning quality photos and high-bitrate videos without any pixel or frame losses. The Class 10 rated Patriot Memory LX PRO series obliterates the SD Associations Class 10 performance specification and capable of delivering twice the classified speed for uninterrupted continuous-mode photography and Blu-ray quality video recording. Offering up to lightning-fast 20MB/s transfer speed ensures the Patriot LX PRO Series SDHC cards is the perfect companion for all digital cameras and camcorders, including professional-class digital SLR and camcorders. Available in 16GB/32GB capacities and 5-year warranty, the Patriot Memory LX PRO Series SDHC cards have plenty of space to capture and preserve your most precious moments as images and video.

  • Features:

  • Complies with SDA 3.0 Class 10 specifications
  • Up to 20MB/s (133x) transfer speeds*
    *Based on internal testing

  • High level of copy protection
  • Compatible with SDHC slot devices
  • Write protection switch to avoid accidental data deletion
  • 5 Year Warranty

If you are wondering just how much data the LX Pro 32GB SDHC can hold, Patriot has a chart listing out estimates just for you.

Patriot LX Pro 32GB SDHC


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